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[7 Feb 2004 | One Comment | ]

Here is a list of all my currently published online articles:
Armoring Apache HTTP Server with SSL
Load Testing with Apache JMeter
Using Hibernate to Persist Your Java Objects to IBM DB2 Universal Database
Generate dynamic content with Tomcat and MySQL
I also have an article about WebSphere Clustering coming out in JavaPro magazine (in the April timeframe I believe).

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[3 Feb 2004 | Comments Off on Static Imports | ]

I just read a summary of some of the features that will probably be available in Java 1.5.
On of the things discussed was static imports. In this example, an import statement is defined as static. Thereafter, all references to static fields in the class can be made without referencing the class from which they came from.

import static java.awt.Color.*;
public class ImportTest {
public static void main(String args[]) {

My initial thought on this …