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[24 May 2004 | Comments Off on The Trilogy Model | ]

I was talking to a friend who works for Trilogy Software in Austin, TX, and he was describing their model for developing software in developing nations (no pun intended). Apparently, they save a considerable amount of money over hiring U.S. workers, which is what attracts most people to try utilizing the workforce in developing nations. In addition to saving money they are highly successful in delivering quality/timely code to their customers, which seems to be rare among the companies that try utilizing foreign developers.
Here are some of …

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[17 May 2004 | Comments Off on Introducing XP-Style Unit Testing | ]

I’ve found that it is difficult to push XP style unit testing when you are first introducing unit testing into a team that is not test infected, whether the developers are experienced or not. The best approach I’ve found is to introduce unit testing incrementally.
First introduce the process necessary to acheive continuous integration with unit testing:
• No non-compiling code should ever be checked into the repository
• All unit tests should pass before and after synchronizing with the repository
• All the tests should be run recursively under the src directory …