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[25 Aug 2004 | One Comment | ]

I just wrote a plugin to search my del.icio.us bookmarks using Mozilla Firefox’s search engine functionality.
For those of you know don’t know, Mozilla Firefox is a great, light-weight, Web-browser that I have found to be a very nice replacement for Internet Explorer. Firefox has a search box that you can use to search any search engine you want, just by adding a plugin.
del.icio.us (pronounced “delicious”) is a free social-bookmarking Website. It allows you to keep your bookmarks online and share them with other people. del.icio.us (only) allows you to search …

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[17 Aug 2004 | Comments Off on Class references and static initializers | ]

Let’s say that you are using a type-safe enumeration pattern to reference a list of protocols. Your protocol object might have a reference to a ProtocolHandler class which a client would use to load on demand using reflection.
Look at the following code see if you can identify a possible trouble spot.
public class Protocol {
private Class protocolHandlerClass;
public static final Protocol TIBCO = new Protocol(
private Protocol(Class protocolHandlerClass) {

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[15 Aug 2004 | Comments Off on Spring: Creating Objects So You Don’t Have To | ]

I have published a new article that introduces the Spring framework. Here are some excerpts from the introduction to the article:
“One of the more exciting open-source Java frameworks that has gathered steam in the last year is Spring. Spring aims to minimize dependency of application components by providing a plug-in architecture. Because Spring links objects together instead of the objects linking themselves together, it is categorized as a ‘dependency injection’ or ‘inversion of control’ framework.”
“Though dependency injection is the basis of the Spring framework, Spring also provides a …