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Simplify Your Web App Development Using the Spring MVC Framework

18 October 2004 2 Comments

I have a new article available on the Spring MVC framework.



“Struts is in fairly widespread use in the Java world, but the Spring MVC framework promises to provide a simpler alternative to Struts for separating presentation layer and business logic. Learn how to build a simple stock trading Web application using Spring’s MVC framework.

In a previous article, I introduced you to the Spring framework, showed you how to use Spring’s basic functionality to create objects, and how to do some simple database interactions. In this follow-up article I will introduce you to the Spring model-view- controller (MVC) framework by walking you through the creation of a simple stock-trading Web application.”


  • Amarnath Karwekar said:

    The choice of a MVC framwework depends on the application,rather to put it straight,whether one wants to use a front controller in the case where you have dynamic pages and page controller where you have dynamic navigation.Spring MVC provides what kind of implentation?
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  • Javid said:

    Spring provides a front controller framework. A quick read through the article will answer high-level questions like this.