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[25 May 2005 | Comments Off on Isolation is pessimistic, collaboration is Agile | ]

Working on several software development projects, both agile and non-agile, I’ve realized a few things:
– Non-agile teams favor isolated development practices– Isolated practices are generally pessimistic– Agile teams favor collaboration– Higher collaboration seems to (naturally) require more optimism
Non-agile teams favor isolation
Most of the non-agile teams that I’ve worked for (including those who thought they were agile, but really weren’t) have generally favored isolated development practices. For example, developers take on different tasks and develop them in isolation. Developers have ownership of segments of code and take it very personally if …

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[24 May 2005 | One Comment | ]

My name literally means ever-lasting in Farsi.
It is officially pronounced: JAW-veed. The JAW is the strong sound and is pronouned just like the body part, and veed rhymes with weed.
Growing up, American friends / teachers always pronounced it: JAV-id, where JAV sounds like the first part of java and id sounds like the first part of idiom. Growing up, I never really bothered correcting people, and I eventually got used to this pronunciation. This is still how I introduce myself to American people.
There are also about 10 other …

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[13 May 2005 | Comments Off on Transparent Video Content Retrieval | ]

I’ve been looking into home theater PC (HTPC) software lately and I’m very impressed with some of the packages available. HTPC software is essentially a digital video recorder (DVR) on steroids. You can use it not only to record live television, but also to provide access to all of your stored media content (mp3s, ‘ripped’ dvds, mpeg, game emulators, etc).
Some HTPC software packages provide RSS aggregators (feed readers). You can use this to read the news through your HTPC, but you can also use it with feeds that provide bittorrent …

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[12 May 2005 | Comments Off on Free Culture | ]

I just finished reading a book called Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to gain a good understanding of the debate over copyright and understand how current copyright legislation it is affecting our culture and our ability to innovate. The book is mainly about copyright, but he demonstrates how copyright laws are inhibiting innovation in software. I like the style of the book because he teaches through telling stories about people and events that have been affected by copyright issues. Though …

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[4 May 2005 | Comments Off on Syndicated Logging | ]

In enterprise applications, system failure notification is often mission critical. If an application or a computer system fails to respond, or an application produces an unrecoverable failure, human intervention may be required.
Notification can be accomplished in many ways. An error message can be captured in a log file, e-mailed to an individual or a mailing list, or even sent as a text message to an application support team. These technologies all have advantages and disadvantages. For example, anybody who needs to access a log …

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[4 May 2005 | One Comment | ]

If you’ve ever done a toString on an object that doesn’t override toString(), you’ve probably noticed that it returns something like this.
Now the big question: can two different object instances ever have the same value after the ‘at’ (@) sign?
The answer is yes. If you look at the source for Java’s Object class, the toString() method prints the name of the class, the @, and the value of the hashCode() method. If your class overrides hashCode(), and you create two objects that have the same exact hash code …