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Agile Tools

3 June 2005 No Comment

It’s important to realize that Agile is not a single methodology or process. Agile is an umbrella term that describes a group of processes that share a common set of ideals. These processes include eXtreme Programming, Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Scrum, etc.

This site gives you a summary of what Agile is, has links to all the methodologies that fall under the Agile umbrella, and list several tools that are used in the agile suite of methodologies.

Each methodology has a set of tools that they use or favor. Some are more comprehensive than others. For example, Extreme Programming projects typically use a minimalist approach to project management tools, abandoning Gannt charts in favor of index cards and favoring Wikis for capturing requirements. Another example is MDA, which is a methodology that is pervasively dependent on tools that generate code from visual models describe in UML or other modeling languages.

I’m definitely no RUP expert, but I listened to Martin Fowler do a talk on RUP and he described it as a large set of best practices and a suite of tools which you can use to customize your own methodology, picking and choosing which practices you want to utilize. For example, there are very high-ceremony waterfall projects that use RUP and there are XP projects that use RUP (check out Robert Martin’s dX [pdf]).

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