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Face Up to Web Application Design Using JSF and MyFaces

17 June 2005 No Comment

My new DevX article introduces JavaServer Faces (JSF). Here’s an excerpt:

“JavaServer Faces provides an alternative to Struts or Spring MVC for those who want a Web application framework that manages UI events in a Java Web application. JSF is now a standard part of the J2EE specification and provides a viable alternative to non-standard Web frameworks.”

“If you’ve worked on more than one Web application with different teams, you’ve probably worked with more than one Web application framework. J2EE always provided Web technologies, but never defined a Web application framework for managing page navigation, request lifecycle, request validation, etc. Developers had to develop these features themselves or utilize one of many open-source frameworks such as Struts and Spring MVC. Enter JavaServer Faces.

JSF is specified in JSR 127 (see Related Resources section in the left column) and “defines an architecture and APIs that simplify the creation and maintenance of Java Server application GUIs.” This article will discuss the basic ideas behind JavaServer Faces and then show you an example using the Apache MyFaces JSF implementation.”

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