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Transferring large files

18 October 2005 One Comment

My parents recently went to a wedding in Canada and borrowed my camcorder to take some video. They wanted us to mail the video to them, but I had other things on the tape (and frankly I don’t trust snail-mail enough to send my only copy of something to somebody in a different country).

I got a firewire cable and downloaded the video off of my miniDV camcorder in the highest quality (the DV NTSC format, which is an AVI file). Unfortunately, the file was about 4 GB.

I didn’t want to have to split the file up to send it unless it was a last resort, and I don’t own a DVD burner, so I started exploring ways to send large files. There are a few Web services available that allow you to “e-mail” large files. You basically send the large file to a server and they send a link to the receipient, who can then go and download the file off of the server. Unfortunately, the file I had was too big to send using most of these services.

Then, the answer hit me. I’m always on the lookout for good (legal) uses for p2p filesharing, and this was one. I setup a private bittorrent tracker using Azureus and I created a bittorrent file out of the video. Then, I e-mailed them the torrent file and told them to download the bittorrent software. The nice thing about this is that they can now distribute the torrent file to all of their guests who want to see the video. If you think about it, this is a great ad-hoc social p2p network.

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