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8 October 2007 One Comment

There are two documents that I frequently visit when I’m refactoring code, the first is A Taxonomy for Bad Code Smells, which categorizes various smells in Martin Fowler’s Refactoring book. The other is this Smells to Refactorings PDF file, which lists all the smells and refactorings from Fowler’s book as well as from Joshua Kerievsky’s Refactoring to Patterns book.

I’ve been looking for something that lists the various taxa, the smells, and the associated refactorings in both books, thus consolidating the tables on both of these documents. I couldn’t find one, so I’ve created one myself. I’ve published it via a Google Document, which is available here:


There are a few of the refactorings that are in the Refactoring to Patterns book which were not part of the taxonomy in the first document. I’ve listed these at the bottom under unknown with my guess of where it should go listed next to it. Please provide me with feedback as to where you think these unknowns should go and I’ll update the document.

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