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Screencast: Maven – Generating a Basic Project

7 April 2009 5 Comments

[flashvideo file=”/content/uploads/2009/04/generating-basic-project.mp4″ /]

Note: Click on the full-screen button in the player when watching the screencast.

This screencast shows you how to get started with Apache Maven. First it points you to the Maven download and installation instructions. Then it shows you how to verify that Maven was installed. After that, the screencast walks through the generation of a basic project using the archetype:generate goal. The screencast concludes by taking a look at the generated directory structure and examining the contents of the pom.xml (Project Object Model) file.

Check back for a follow-up screencast that will walk through the basics of the Maven lifecycle and will show you how to build, test, and generate documentation and reports for the application generated in this screencast. You can find all of my screencasts on my Screencasts page which is linked off the top-level navigation for the site.


  • Brett Porter said:

    Thanks for putting this together.

    You might like to also take note of the following:
    – the convention for artifact ID’s is typically to use ‘-‘ instead of ‘_’.
    – the .bat should not be required on Windows, even from the normal command processor

    In case you are reviewing the video:
    – it’s pronounced ar-ki-type
    – you happen to be using a different version than you pointed to downloading :)

  • Javid Jamae (author) said:

    Brett – Thanks for the feedback. You’re correct on all points! I’ll keep all these things in mind for future Maven screencasts that I produce.

  • Abdel said:

    Javid, thanks for the screencast. Its really helpful for a Maven starter and I look forward to more screencasts on Maven.

  • Jamae Javid (author) said:

    Abdel – I have more in the pipeline. I’ll make them available soon.

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