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Import your Facebook contacts into Google+

22 July 2011 No Comment

Here is a simple way to get your Facebook contacts into Google+

Short version – Import Facebook contacts into Yahoo, then import Yahoo contacts into Google Plus.

Long version…

  1. Create a Yahoo Mail account if you don’t already have one
  2. Yahoo Mail - Login

  3. Log in to Yahoo Mail and go to the Contacts tab
  4. Yahoo Mail - Contacts tab

  5. Click on the Import Contacts button
  6. Yahoo Mail - Import Contacts

  7. Click on the Facebook button
  8. Yahoo Mail - Import from Facebook

  9. Login to Facebook
  10. Yahoo Mail - Authenticate against facebook

  11. Confirm sharing contacts with Yahoo
  12. Facebook - Confirm sharing contacts with Yahoo

  13. Watch the import magic happen
  14. Yahoo Mail - Importing from Facebook

  15. Wait for it to finish.
  16. Yahoo Mail - Facebook contact import complete

  17. Login in to Google+, then click on the Circles button at the top and then on Find and Invite
  18. Google Plus - Find and Invite

  19. Click on the Yahoo! button next to Find Friends
  20. Google+ - Find friends on Yahoo!

  21. Authorize Yahoo! to import your contacts
  22. Google Plus - Authorize Yahoo to import contacts

  23. And you’re done! All of the contacts that were imported from Yahoo have a little Y! icon on them
  24. Google+ - Imported contacts from Yahoo!

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