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[10 Aug 2006 | Comments Off on A brief post-mortem of my first XP project | ]

My first (real) XP project was on a team of 9 developers back in 2001. There was a technical architect/lead, 4 senior developers (one of which was me), and 4 junior developers. We also had two “customers”, one of whom was also the project manager. The project was a commission calculation system for a large insurance company. The senior developers and the technical architect on the project were all consultants and the junior developers and customers were all full-time employees of the company.
The idea was that we were coaching the …

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[3 Feb 2006 | Comments Off on Depth of scope | ]

When having a discussion about the negotiable-scope nature of some Agile processes (XP for example) an inevitable discussion about the “variables” of a software project arises. I usually abbreviate the “variables” as Q R S and T: quality, resources (a.k.a. cost), scope, and time. Many projects try to fix all of these variables and are subsequently shocked that they failed to meet their estimates on one of them. Something has to give, many Agile proponents argue that it should be scope.
Many business stakeholders are uncomfortable with negotiable …